Helping Women Tap Into a New Level of Maturity To Thrive

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There is an immature little girl who lacks discipline, courage, focus, knowledge, and the ability to embrace delayed gratification in every woman.

I help women and girls tap into a new level of maturity spiritually, personally, and professionally to thrive in every area of life.


My mission is to equip, empower, and encourage females to journey from being mentally infertile girls into becoming godly, phenomenal women.


Meet La Tasha

Through the power and art of communication, La Tasha has helped women tap into a new level of maturity to thrive for 20 years. She uses her experience and platform as a former Ms. Black California USA winner, corporate background, and Master's degree in Business Administration (MBA) to ignite a personal revolution in women to succeed spiritually, personally, professionally, and entrepreneurially.

La Tasha is an inspiring corporate and academic conference speaker and a personal and professional development consultant. She is the author of books titled, Life's G.P.A., Single But Never Alone, From Girlz II Women, Project: From Girlz II Women Revolution Leader's Guide and SPAM.

La Tasha is the founder of From Girlz II Women Revolution (FGIIWR), a division of the Urban Born organization. The FGIIWR equips, empowers, and encourages females to maximize their lives, through exciting activities and programs. She is the founder of the Velvet Steel Women's Book Club. She is a Bible teacher and hosts the nationwide Velvet Steel Family Prayer Group she created. Business Minded with a Heart for God (BMHG) is a national mastermind and networking community she created to develop Christian entrepreneurs, leaders, and professionals. She facilitates bi-weekly BMHG webinars for men and women.

Besides, effectively impacting women's and girls' lives, La Tasha works alongside her husband in their urban marketing company, Phatefx. Her highest priority is being a wonderful, godly woman to her husband and children, simultaneously striving to homeschool their children with a spirit of excellence.

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From Girlz II Women Revolution

Within every woman, an immature girl is sabotaging her successful future. So, Langerston is calling women to a personal revolution.


In this motivating, call-to-action, and audience participation message, Langerston challenges women to analyze their self-destructing behaviors and exchange them for success producing habits.


From Girlz II Women Revolution focuses on what Langerston refers to as, the 3 Key E's: equipping, empowering, and encouraging women to be their best. She delivers the 3 Key E's so that she ignites in women a desire to develop a new level of maturity to thrive.



(Goal, Plan and Achieve)

Inc. Magazine published an article stating that only 8% of people achieve their goals. Langerston created the G.P.A. seminar and workshop to equip women to achieve their dreams.


G.P.A. offers a three-step method that teaches women how to set meaningful goals, create a clear plan of action, and work their plan until they achieve their goals.


Through fun and thought-provoking activities, women discover their priorities, passion, and purpose. By learning how to carry their dreams to fruition, women will live a more mature, productive, and successful life.

Thinking Habits For Successful Women

In this inspiring message, Langerston helps women tap into a new level of maturity by exposing how effective good things habits are spiritually, personally, and professionally. Langerston explains how creative, focus, and strategic are three thinking habits essential for gaining confidence, intentionality, and progress.


Women (especially entrepreneurs and leaders) will discover that when they develop the discipline of good thinking habits, they will experience clarity, perspective, and capturing great ideas.


Such benefits produce greater success for women's overall wellness, family, leadership, and business. The seminar and workshop include three additional thinking habits: reflective, collaborative, and big picture.




It is an honor to tell you about the amazing speaker and inspirational woman who is La Tasha Langerston! I had the privilege of participating in her from Girlz II Women speaker series where she shared about critical life skills, spiritual and mental strategies to be our best self. She was phenomenal. I can also attest to her writing skills. Mrs. Langerston writing style is intellectual, prolific and motivational. I am privileged to have come across her path.

Dr. Nia Mensah Founder and President Kusudi International Incorporated


La Tasha Langerston is a passionate and inspirational speaker. She possesses an innate, captivating charisma, and grace that instantly engages her audience. 


LaTasha is personable and

well-rounded, which gives her a

unique ability to speak to various listeners from churches to corporations to community organizations to colleges.


La Tasha will enhance your event with her elegance, excellence, and enthusiasm. I highly recommend LaTasha as a speaker for your next occasion!

Monique Gadson, Ph.D., LPC 

President, Transforming Visions,LLC - Counseling and Consulting Services

Creator, And The Church Said Podcast


La Tasha's beautiful, godly spirit and loving heart shone through her engaging G.P.A.(Goal, Plan & Achieve) seminar. Well organized, with equipping steps, she used a wide variety of creative illustrations, activities, and approaches to draw our diverse group of women into meaningful and motivational goal setting. Wise and gifted, La Tasha speaks with relevance for today!

Debbie Krumsieg

Jubilee Community Church

A Women & Children's Ministry Leader


When I heard La Tasha give her presentation I could clearly see the passion that she had for her ministry, her family, and being a servant of God. She captivates the energy through her feelings and expressing her hopes and dreams.


Her gentle spirit comes across calming to those that hear her speak, while gathering a sense of inspiration.

Tyler Monica

Youth Leader of

Salem Evangelical Free Church


Mrs. La Tasha Langerston’s message to the women in the room really emphasized on what it’s like to be an African American women.


During the message she stated statistics as followed:

*4 in 10 teenage girls get pregnant at least once before they reach the age of 20

*72 % of black babies are born to unmarried mothers

As I sat in my seat, I thought, wow, that’s me!

Alison McDonald, MA Student

St. Louis College of Health Careers


La Tasha is a passionate, dynamic speaker who is able to penetrate the heart of her audience through her faith and transparency.


Her heart to equip the youth with God's identity; thus, self-identity

will change the world for

generations to come!

Erica Hill


Pointe of Surrender Dance Studio


I have always been most impressed with La Tasha’s clear and precise public speaking. She is very intentional with her word choice and never wastes time. Her workshops and seminars are empowering, engaging, and thought-provoking. One of the things I love most about her public speaking ability is her genuine integrity and approachability.


She has an impressive knack for tackling serious issues, imparting humor where appropriate, and keeping it real all at the same time. Such a privilege to hear this woman of God speak.

Diana Bantu, Pastor

Homeschool Teacher Beloved Community Church 

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